• 54

    Pressure Printed Stop Motion Animation
  • Confessions

    An interactive installation of road kill confessions. Hand lettering on handmade paper.
  • The Healing Series

    Screen-Printed and Hand Embroidered
  • Still

    Still memorializes roadkill I encountered in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York. Moving from Chicago, IL to Aurora, NY I was overwhelmed with my daily encounter of roadkill. The book transforms into a creative non-fiction narrative allowing me to connect with my environment. The deceased animals were found on my daily commute and treated with respect. The cover is handmade paper to resemble asphalt. The book proceeds with an image of crows around an animal to represent the flight of their soul. Following is a pullout map indicating where animals were found. Animals are letterpress printed in two colors with linoleum blocks and polymer plates. A veterinarian allowed me to take x-rays, which are printed on transparent paper with vertical text stating statistics about roadkill. Each animal has an obituary that states factual and humorous information with a pullout photograph showing the crime scene and the longitude and latitude. At the end of the project a private ceremony was held where the animals were buried on an island to pay respect and give thanks.
  • Detritus Series

    Handmade Cotton and Abaca Paper with Watermarks
  • Collective Vision

    Collective Vision is a collaborative project with the student body from Wells College. In 2015 Wells College hired Jonathan Gibralter as their new President. Prior to his arrival I wandered around campus with a typewriter asking students, staff, & faculty to share their visions for Wells College and how to be a Wellsian. These two questions would teach Dr. Gibralter about the student body and the college. Wells is known for their small community with lots of traditions and we wanted him to feel a part of the community as soon as he arrived. The questions are letterpress printed and the box is handmade in Well colors.
  • Cayuga Nation: Now & Then

      "Cayuga Nation: Now & Then" was designed, printed, and published by Jenna Rodriguez during her summer residency with the Journal of Artist Books (JAB) at Columbia College Chicago in the Center for Book and Paper Arts. It is a variation of a dos-a-dos structure with birch bark covers. Three weeks after she moved to the shores of Cayuga Lake, the local gas station was barricaded with trucks, police and members of the local Cayuga Tribe. This event inspired her to explore the long history of the Cayuga Nation and the events that lead to the recent conflict within the tribe itself. Depending on which cover you open first you receive a different story. One side of the book tells the “Now” story (current issues) and the other side tells the “Then” story (history) of the tribe. She published this two-sided artist book to showcase her own observations, experiences, and research on Cayuga Nation.
  • Concrete Jungle Series

    Gelatin Monoprints
  • Jargon

    Hand Bound & Letterpress Printed
  • Pearls

    Woodcut Relief and Letterpress Print
  • Extinct

    Extinct  is about the evolution of communicating and how face to face interaction is becoming extinct. The book is a texting conversation I had with my father. He is trying to adjust to technology and he is creating his own abbreviations. It is hilarious because I do not understand him and he gets frustrated. The images are pressure printed and the text is letterpress printed.
  • Overheard

    Overheard is a collection of statements I heard strangers say on Chicago public transportation. It is offset printed.
  • Running Thoughts

    Running Thoughts is a collection of strangers' internal & external thoughts while riding the CTA trains in Chicago. For 112 days I rode 3 to 4 hrs. weekly on all train lines to engage with commuters. My investigation culminates as an interdisciplinary art project in which commuters answered the question, "Why are you going?". I transformed the material, which included recordings, interviews, conversations & written surveys, into a layered soundscape, motion graphic projection & a handmade book. Running Thoughts offers an insight into the public & private thoughts of Chicago Commuters.

    *Created to listen with headphones 

  • Various CTA Riders and Thoughts

    Various CTA Riders and Thoughts is a collection of photographs and external thoughts I collected on the train. I became intrigued with the idea of how you are in a crowded space, shoulder to shoulder with strangers while trying to being disengaged from your surroundings. You are on hold waiting to get to your destination, you occasionally hear people randomly talking. Homage to Ed Ruscha.
  • Life in the Driver’s Seat

    Life in the Driver’s Seat is a collection of conversations/interviews I had with different taxi drivers. The method involved bringing a preprinted interview card with which I filled out while in route to my destination. I collected ancedotes from the Drivers. Within a few minutes, the cab drivers would open up and share intense stories about their experiences with customers or their personal lives.
  • Reflect

    Eight single page folded books one on each member of my micro community: my family. I conducted an interview with each member: a word to describe each member, describe yourself as an individual, and as an entire family. All eight books unfold into a puzzle of a family portrait. Each member is profiled by a different typeface. The type was letterpress printed and the images are pressure prints.
  • Political Words of Wisdom

    Political Words of Wisdom was inspired from the two diverse communities of politics. The form allows the spine to be removed on either side to tell two stories. I want the viewer to explore the book. Depending what side the viewer opens they will see different stereotypes of people who consider themselves Republican or Democrat. I did not want the book to be biased for either party. The book can also be read as a conversational piece where you flip back and forth from side to side. Political Words of Wisdom demonstrates how people constantly have to identify themselves.
  • Obsession

    Obsession is a massive French Door book structure of photographs of doors from all over the world. It illustrates my obsession with doors. For three years I documented doors from my travels. Doors lead to another world and what is occurring on the other side of the door intrigues me. Every door has character and an untold story behind it. Each door is identified in general terms, for example, "Near the Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy." What's behind the doors is left to our imaginations.  
  • Home

    Home is a leporello binding structure. Images were created with pressure printing and Akua inks. The bees are a representation of my family members. My mother is the queen bee pulling the house on wheels. She has always been the head of my families household. The text is different interpretations of what a home is and I had my mother write it because her handwriting is very distinct and all my family members can easily recognize it.