Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist that has experience in printmaking, typography, book arts, papermaking, photography, digital printing, and new media. My work focuses on creating a sense of place and understanding within my current geographical location. I explore the public and private experiences that I encounter through research, observations, and interactions to create work that inspires self-reflection, thoughts, and human connection. Through the use of language and social engagement in the public sphere, I explore everyday life, which allows me to investigate different avenues to create narratives. My daily surroundings become a strong influence within those narratives. My body of work explores different aspects of society while in public, both as internal and external moments. My work taps into the human psyche as we travel through the public sphere. I seek to give our private thoughts a voice, and our public thoughts an amplifier. Giving these thoughts a voice empowers the creators and allows us to stop, listen, enjoy and realize that everyone, all around us, drinks from the same cup of humanness. I generate content through public research and ultimately repurpose and transform it into anecdotes that reveal certain aspects of humanity. I consider myself a collector, observer, and artist.