• Cayuga Nation: Now & Then

      "Cayuga Nation: Now & Then" was designed, printed, and published by Jenna Rodriguez during her summer residency with the Journal of Artist Books (JAB) at Columbia College Chicago in the Center for Book and Paper Arts. It is a variation of a dos-a-dos structure with birch bark covers. Three weeks after she moved to the shores of Cayuga Lake, the local gas station was barricaded with trucks, police and members of the local Cayuga Tribe. This event inspired her to explore the long history of the Cayuga Nation and the events that lead to the recent conflict within the tribe itself. Depending on which cover you open first you receive a different story. One side of the book tells the “Now” story (current issues) and the other side tells the “Then” story (history) of the tribe. She published this two-sided artist book to showcase her own observations, experiences, and research on Cayuga Nation.